Faerane is an insular Elvish nation located in the Raineswood, known for its strong military tradition, especially of archery.


Faerane's history can be divided into two periods. The original nation of Faerane, sometimes known as Old Faerane, lasted from the Ages of Myth well into the First Age. It was ruled by one family as a monarchy, and was one of the founding members of the Alliance of the Six. After the fall of Old Faerane at the hands of the eastern Orcish tribes, the Raineswood, along with all the secrets and treasures of the Faeranian peoples, was in Orcish hands. The Raineswood would not be reclaimed until the start of the Second Age, when the Fall of Arcana rendered many of the plundered defenses useless. Other nations rose alongside the deplaced peoples of Faerane to reclaim the Elves' sacred homeland, re-establishing the state of Faerane, this time as a council of several ruling families.

In recent years, Elves from far and wide have immigrated to Faerane, taking the ruling council up on their promise of lodging and work for any full-blooded Elf. As there have been no recorded instances of emigration from Faerane and only a few rare outsiders are permitted entry — among them certain Traveler caravans and those doing the work of the Gods — not much is known about current events in the nation other than that which the council chooses to share.


Faerane is ruled by an elected council.


The population of Faerane is believed to be entirely Elven.


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