Dwarves are a common race preferring the colder climates of the north. Some Dwarves have adapted to above-ground living, or at the very least find the idea tolerable, but most prefer to live their lives entirely below ground.


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High Dwarf

Unlike most other races, calling someone a High Dwarf is not a compliment. Considered the lesser of the two races by some(especially the Deep Dwarves), High Dwarves traditionally live closer to the surface, and are common among the Dwarven military and laborers. High Dwarves have +2 to Strength and proficiency with light and medium armor.

Deep Dwarf

Deep Dwarves traditionally live far within the tunnels, and are the current ruling class. Skilled artisans, intellectuals, merchants and the elite are likely to be Deep Dwarves. Deep Dwarves have +1 to Wisdom and Dwarven Toughness as described in the PHB.

Campaign Notes

  • Male and female Dwarves appear virtually identical, with clothes on, even down to the beard. You would only know the difference by hearing them speak, or being introduced by name.
  • Male Dwarves traditionally have names ending in a consonant sound, while female Dwarves traditionally have names ending in a vowel sound. As Dwarves are usually lawful, this tradition is rarely ignored.
  • When taking names from minerals, Deep Dwarves usually favor the names of gems or precious metals, while High Dwarves are more likely to use names of less-valuable substances. Again, this is tradition.
  • In addition to Dwarvish, Old Dwarvish is an archaic variant of the modern tongue. It would be rare for a High Dwarf to be fluent in Old Dwarvish, but not unusual for a Deep Dwarf to have studied it.


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