There are seven major intelligent races which inhabit the land: Dwarves,  Elves, Gnomes, Halflings, Humans, Orcs and Tieflings. In addition, Humans have been known to interbreed with both Elves and Orcs to form Half-Elves and Half-Orcs.


Dwarves are a common race preferring the colder climates of the north. Some Dwarves have adapted to above-ground living, or at the very least find the idea tolerable, but most prefer to live their lives entirely below ground.


Elves are a common race native to the Raineswood, but elves can be found almost everywhere except underground communities. While rarer in cities than in small towns or rural areas, Elves are not a particularly surprising sight no matter where you go.


Gnomes are a race common in some parts but virtually unheard of in others. While they have no particular love for the underground, many Gnomes find that the smaller accommodations favored by Halflings and Dwarves are a perfect fit for their own diminutive frames. Therefore, any locations with high populations of those two races are likely to have at least a few Gnomes tucked around somewhere.


Half-Elves, while more common than Half-Orcs, are still less common than their full-blooded cousins.


Half-Orcs, due to the extremely infrequent pairing of Human and Orc, are a relatively rare race. The savage reputation of their Orcish parentage leads to prejudice among the more civilized races, and Half-Orcs often find themselves watched very closely wherever they go.


Halflings, while more common than Gnomes, are still relatively uncommon in lands populated predominantly by the tall folk. They appreciate both their burrows and the open fields, and like the Elves prefer nature to the bustle of the big city.


Humans are a common race that can be found almost anywhere, though they are rarer in Dwarven, Halfling and Gnomish communities due to conflicts of size.


Orcs are a common race that almost without exception keep to themselves, except to conduct war. Constantly in conflict with other nations, Orcs are virtually never welcome in civilized parts.


Tieflings are considered a rare race, though the true rarity is difficult to discern due to the secrecy surrounding Tiefling communities. Despite their rarity, rumors of Tiefling communities frequently trouble almost every city. Much like Orcs and Half-Orcs, Tieflings suffer from a negative reputation. Whether this reputation is deserved or not depends on who you ask.


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